Enterprise: Localizing R&R Globally


In a research of best-in-class organizations conducted by Aberdeen Group in 2013, 60% of the firms stated that employee recognition is extremely valuable in driving individual performance. This is all the more true for organizations thriving at the global level.

For international organizations, Xoxoday's Enterprise R&R platform offers localized and customized yet centralized services. It has provisions for local language as well as customer support and can be integrated to your existing systems and scaled up at a global level. The flexibility of our systems helps you add or change programs and countries on the fly. Every employee counts and can be rewarded and recognized in a manner appropriate to him/her. With global communication tools and an exhaustive rewards catalog, our platform stands rightly positioned for your global R&R needs.

Xoxoday Enterprise is not just a global R&R platform; it is also a system localized according to culture, structure, objectives and strategy of your organization and its local divisions. It would help you prepare customized reward and recognition packages for individual employees based on their respective preferences and our exhaustive rewards catalog.

We understand that many of your employees travel globally or work onsite and that your organization has multiple offices across the globe. While employees keep moving and the number of offices keeps growing, the R&R solution should remain robust and constant throughout, accounting for all the variations and adjustments happening on a daily basis.

Xoxoday Enterprise ensures that your R&R strategy stays robust and consistently executed. We understand that no one size fits all; your sales specialist based at Singapore would have different recognition needs than your marketing specialist based at US. Therefore, we have made our solution flexible so as to easily incorporate changes required from time to time in a dynamic manner. Our platform is customizable so you can work on it yourself once the initial implementation is done from our side.

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in other belong to us as well.” – Voltaire