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Why Choose Xoxoday?

Employees across organizations can engage better with their work and environment.Here's Why. According to a global employment survey conducted in 2016:



Nearly 60% of employees expressed unhappiness with their existing jobs.


Ineffective Management

Almost 50% of these dissatisfied employees attributed their unhappiness to people-related issues such as ineffective managers, annoying co-workers and disengaged teams


Job Profile

Nearly 30% cited their discontentment on the nature of their jobs itself, including current role, profile and position.


Work Environment

The remaining 20% employees blamed factors like commute time, work schedules and work environment


These numbers reiterate the need for organizations to choose a specialized employee engagement partner based on clearly defined, objective measures. In order to retain talent and drive employee engagement, productivity and performance, Xoxoday provides Total Reward solutions to organizations. It also facilitates experiential corporate gifting across occasions such as festivals, events, employee milestones, business milestones and many more. Xoxoday also offers solutions to enterprises for consumer promotions, trade promotions, sales incentives, and streamlining and automation of Rewards and Recognition (RnR) programs.

Here is a list of reasons why you should choose Xoxoday to meet your total rewards program requirements:

10,000+ Experiences and Activities to engage employees

Xoxoday has curated more than 10,000 experiences and activities across categories such as adventure, gourmet, tours, getaways, hobbies and wellness. A few examples of such experiences are: Desert Safari Dubai, Flying a Cessna Plane in Delhi, Horse-riding in Pune.

650+ Corporate Clients availing rewards platform

Xoxoday serves enterprise clients with its SaaS-based rewards platform. Our clientele spans industries, locations and maturity levels of business. Clients have also availed solutions such as long service anniversary (LSA) awards and other forms of corporate rewards for all occasions.

200,000 Happy Faces availing experiences

Across enterprises and consumers, Xoxoday has achieved the crucial milestone of 200,000 happy and committed customers. These customers avail experiences and rewards via their organization’s SaaS platform or directly from our consumer website. Our experience box and vouchers empower employees to choose their rewards and live them.

World Class Delivery and Customer Support for satisfaction:

Our team works tirelessly to ensure that the delivery and the local language-based customer support offered exceeds your expectations. With around 99% ontime delivery, 95% customer support uptime and 90% customer satisfaction score, we are a highly customer-centric organization.

Global Solutions to global organizations

Xoxoday offers a cloud-based, gamified SaaS platform, comprising of instant reward redemption feature and an exhaustive rewards catalog. Xoxoday’s experience rewards are spread across the globe and its rewards platform is scalable to include new geographies and business functions in a seamless manner.

Xoxoday Transforms The Idea Of Gifting Mundane Products Into Gifting Memories

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