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Unified platform for all your employee engagement needs

It includes everyday recognition, rewarding, incentivizing & peer referrals

Rewards & Recognition

Enterprise Xoxoday provides flexibility to ideate, define and design reward programs. Its innovative appreciation features such as Values and Badges have been effective in building a culture of appreciation in organizations.


Employee well-being is critical to organizational well-being. This feature helps users keep track of their fitness levels through synchronisation with wellness devices. The feature supports organisations to build a culture of well-being.

Sales Incentives

Organizations can now simplify their sales incentive programs through automation of incentives, real-time rewarding and easy redemption.

Nominations & Approvals

Xoxoday nominations feature enables clients to implement their nominator rewards that foster peer recognition & rewards in organizations.

Recruitment Referrals

Recruitment Referrals feature provides organisations a systematic solution to accept candidate referral, tracking and closures.

Integrated Modules

Xoxoday's innovative modules give the user a unified interface to Health, Travel, Room booking, Education modules and many more through our intuitive interface.

HRs simply Love Enterprise Xoxoday

The Rewards and recognition teams in organisations have found Enterprise Xoxoday as a revolutionary democratic tool for simplifying the process of rewarding.

Budget Management

Annual Reports

Monthly Reports

Simplified Rewarding Process

Ease of Access

Intuitive Administrator panel

Apt tool for Managers

Great teams have great managers. This tool helps in identifying the performers and at the same time empower the performers.

My Team

Engagement Pulse

Manager Insights

Recognition Budgets

Purchase Points

Results Driver

Cloud means more than just availability; for us it means fidelity. Our Platform is a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution. That means it's always there for you, wherever you are, and provides for plug & play access. Best of all, there's no downtime as our cloud servers are robust.

Ease of use


The above platform can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.


Our Technology is strong enough to support the entire requirement for Startups, SMEs or MNCs


The platform is customizable as per your R&R Policy with no extra effort. It will function like your current program has been upgraded

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