Motivate your Employees with our Rewards and Recognition solutions

Fuel Motivation

According to a global business research conducted in 2013, nearly 80% organizations have a dedicated budget for their rewards and recognition program. 27% of such organizations allocate more than 1% of their payroll budget for rewards and recognition. Another 28% of organizations dedicate exactly 1% of their payroll budget for their Rewards & Recognition activities, programs and systems. The bottom line is – Rewards & Recognition fuels employee motivation and is a crucial element of organizational and human resource strategy.

Appreciation is a prerequisite to motivation. Your employees work hard towards achieving business goals and they deserve to the rewarded. Use our Enterprise Rewards & Recognition platform to fuel and ignite the motivation of your employees. Drive their commitment and communication with our analytics and communication tools. Pamper your employees by allowing them to choose their experiential gift by rewarding them our gift boxes. Add a personalized touch to these rewards by allowing us to build your Rewards & Recognition solution.

As a part of the research cited above, it was also found that e-mail was one of the preferred media channels for 65% of organizations to communicate their recognition programs. Internet and Intranet together formed another preferred recognition channel for 61% of the organizations surveyed. Company newsletter and employee orientation formed some of the other preferred media channels for organizations to extend appreciation to their employees.

While means of recognition may vary from one organization to another, it’s the impact of recognition that counts at the end of the day. This impact can be achieved by structuring your recognition systems using a robust and secure technology platform for Rewards & Recognition such as the Xoxoday Enterprise. When your rewards are diverse and according to the preferences of your employees, they become more meaningful and arouse a feeling of trust and gratitude. Experiential gifting offers choices, has a more lasting impact and is thus an inevitable component of any Rewards & Recognition portfolio.

Ever since I started to get recognition, I've picked out certain fans and reverse stalked them. – Jim Carrey