Reward and Recognize your Employees Build a Culture of Excellence

Build Culture

In a 2010 global research conducted by Psychometrics, organizational leaders were asked what they could do more of to improve employee engagement and build organizational culture. 58% of the respondents replied that they would like to give recognition to their employees. The finding firmly asserts the point that a good rewards and recognition system is a key driver towards building organizational culture and promoting employee engagement.

It's the culture that lets organizations leap from being good to great. A well-designed rewards and recognition system is an inevitable part of a good organizational culture. Xoxoday offers a cloud-based R&R platform that can help you establish the culture of transparency and genuine appreciation in your organization. Our system can be easily integrated with your existing systems and can provide you the necessary analytics to know employee preferences as far as R&R is concerned. With an R&R system based on experiences, your employees are bound to inherit a culture of experiential learning.

Xoxoday has a wide assortment of experiences and activities that not just act as a rejuvenator for your employees, but also usher in experiential learning amongst them. A culture of learning, focus and performance is what matters to business organizations and our experiences are designed for your employees to establish this culture. Our experiences and activities, coupled with our Enterprise R&R platform, make for an R&R system and strategy that is bound to align well with your organizational strategy, goals and objectives.

According to a 2009 organizational research survey conducted by the Mckinsey group, 67% employees said that praise, recognition and commendation from managers was the top motivator for their performance. This result left behind financial incentives such as bonus and perks. This finding shows that the psychological and the experiential component of rewards and recognition matters more to employees than financial rewards. When such recognition becomes a norm rather than a one-time gesture, it sets in the culture of excellence and high productivity in the organization.

"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated." – William James