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Refer A Host And Earn With Xoxoday

Do you know a Host, any individual, professional or venture owner who holds a passion and is looking to monetize it by Hosting an experience? If you know anyone who wants to Host an activity with us and showcase it to the world, do refer him/her to us and earn a Rs. 500/- voucher from Xoxoday upon every successful referral.

Examples of Hosts whom you can refer are:

  • A Salsa Teacher holding Dance classes
  • A Pilot running a Flying School
  • A Trekker holding Trekking Experiences
  • A City Guide holding City Tours
  • A Photographer organizing Photography Experiences
  • A Chef holding Cooking Classes
  • An NGO professional holding Philanthropy Experiences
  • A Dairy Farmer hosting Milking A Cow Experience
  • A Farmer hosting Agriculture Experiences
  • A Chocolatier holding Chocolate-making Experience
  • A Therapist hosting Health & Wellness Experience
  • A Beard Stylist hosting Beard Styling Experience
  • A Handicraft Maker organizing Handicrafts Exhibition
  • A Paraglider holding Paragliding Experience
  • A Yacht owner holding a Yacht Experience
  • A Bike Designer hosting a Bike-designing workshop
  • The Tourism Ministry of a State, Country or Province

Refer An Enterprise And Earn With Xoxoday

Do you know an Enterprise, any business, institution or organization that is looking to automate or revamp their Rewards and Recognition (RnR) programs? Do you know of any business, big or small, that is looking for Corporate Rewards solutions for Employees, Clients, Sales Teams, Trade Partners or Channel Partners? If you know of any such Enterprise, do refer the same to us and earn a Rs. 500/- voucher from Xoxoday upon every successful referral.

Examples of Enterprises whom you can refer are:

  • An IT/ITeS firm looking to streamline or automate their RnR
  • An FMCG major looking for Employee Wellness module in HRMS
  • An Airline looking for Employee and Client Rewards
  • A Media or Entertainment firm looking for Events Rewards
  • A Manufacturing firm looking for Festival Rewards
  • A BFSI firm looking for Employee Long Service Awards
  • An Academic institution looking for Employee Retirement Awards
  • A Sports organization looking for Team Building and Team Awards
  • A Consulting firm looking for Business Partners Awards
  • An MNC looking to celebrate personal occasions of Employees
  • A MSME or start-up looking to implement Peer-to-peer Rewards

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Win a Rs. 500/- voucher from Xoxoday for every successful referral that you make.

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