LSA Awards

Long Service Anniversary Awards (LSA Awards)

Loyal employees spend a considerable time of their life in an organization. Their sense of ownership & commitment are so strong that simple monetary rewards or traditional gifts fall short when it comes to appreciating their contribution. Long-service awards are the employer saying thank you to their employees for their unwavering loyalty. The purpose of the Long Service award is to recognize those employees who have dedicated themselves to the service of your organization for a continuous period of 5 years or more.

Thus, inspire your loyal performers to stay on board and save your time and money in reinventing the talent for your organization. Recognize Loyalty and longevity with an award as significant as the milestone itself.

Long Service Award improves vertical engagement with managers by making them realize that they care for them and thus building trust and good relationships. These celebrations also increase horizontal engagement by making other employees feel they “fit and belong” to this organizational culture. It creates ties that bind coworkers and leaders and reduces friction among veterans and newbies. Employees feel touched and emotional through these celebrations. Long year Service awards are not only a celebration for the employees but for the company too. They acknowledge that you have successfully retained employees for a long period of time, thus improving the favored employer brand of your company.

Let’s show your employees how much their loyalty means to you. Xoxoday enables you to select memorable gift experiences which they will cherish for a lifetime and enable them to gear up for the next phase of their life. Connect with us and appreciate the loyalty and dedication of your employee’s long service.