Plug and Play Module (XOXO Lite)

Reward, Encourage & Analyse

Xoxoday Enterprise Lite is a simplified version of the Xoxoday Enterprise platform. Lite version helps the HR or the program admin to generate a gift voucher instantly and send it to the employee mail box or mobile, thus giving a choice to your employees to pick their own rewards without the sophistication of a dashboard.

Best fit for startups and SMEs who want to keep RnR light weight

We understand the importance of a Happy Workforce in fostering productivity.

Technology Assisted Rewarding

HR can reward vouchers directly to the employees with the click of a button. Human intervention is reduced as the vouchers are delivered to employee through email.

Rewards on the go

You can reward your employees or Channel partners directly from your mobile phone. They can redeem those vouchers from the phone as well.

Hassle Free Payments

The wallet system allows the administrators to easily manage their reward budgets for the year.

Dedicated Customer Support

We have a dedicated customer support team to assist users in case of queries / grievances.