Data Integration

Data Integration

Plugins for ease of access

  • Outlook Plugin
  • Gmail Plugin
  • Browsers Plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

Single Sign ON

We keep it simple. You don't have to remember any passwords. We can enable single sign ON by integration with your HRMS or LDAP using SAML

Automated Account Creation for new Joinees

The Employee joining process already has a big list of tasks, you don’t have to add RnR account creation to that. We can automate this by integrating RnR with your HRMS. Account creation shall now be a zero effort task. The moment a new employee is added, RnR is automatically mapped from day one.

API Integration

We are present at every offline store you can think of. Our integrations make redemption a piece of cake. We also enable Social Sharing to Facebook, LinkedIn and Professional Networks such as Yammer.

  • Social Sharing to Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Professional Networks like Yammer

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