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Xoxoday Rewards Platform

How do you engage a diverse group of employees or channel partners having multiple cultural groups and distributed across geographies? How do you ensure transparency and similar policies across departments, hierarchies and locations? Well, Xoxoday can help you manage all this and more with its simple and yet effective SaaS Rewards platform Xoxoday Enterprise. Recognize, Engage, Motivate and Reward your employees and channel partners from a single integrated platform.

This is a Point-based, Gamified Rewards platform that will revolutionize the way Employee Recognition and Channel Partner Incentive programs work in your organization. You’ll increase the efficiency, consistency, and impact of your Rewards and Recognition program overall. When it comes to Employee Rewards and Recognition program and Channel Partner Incentive, this is one of the best platforms across the world.

  • Point Based Rewards

    This is an easy Point Based Rewards System which can be customized as per defined logic to suit to your organization’s needs. Points can be assigned to each occasion or reward as per your requirements. Budget can be calculated and allocated to Managers. Nominators, approvers and award recipients can be defined. List your employees or channel partners and automate the point allocation as per the defined logic. With just a click, you can reward everyone across geographies.

  • Instant Recognition

    Managers now have option to award points, vouchers and experiences directly to the end users instantly with a click. Instant recognition is a great practice for acknowledging accomplishments and meaningful contributions. These little acts go a long way in boosting the employees’ or channel partners’ morale. Instant Recognition with timely & direct feedback can significantly contribute to healthy work environment objectives.

  • Robust Framework

    Xoxoday Rewards Platform is built upon a robust and scalable framework. This framework allows for the expansion of new features and functions and permits easy upgrades, as well as implementation of new and emerging technologies.

  • Data Integration

    Successful data integration between your system and the platform is very important. Exchange of information happens in a seamless, automated, and secured way in both directions. Data integration with our Rewards Platform doesn’t require big changes in your existing system.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    People today already have too many passwords and no one likes to remember more passwords than they have to. SSO feature in our Rewards Platform provides easy access to your rewards and recognition platform seamlessly integrated with your company intranet site. And it saves lot of effort of handling email and call center questions regarding login and password.

  • Infrastructure and Security

    We understand how important role does the data security play in today’s environment. Designed with best practices, our IT infrastructure includes complete hardware, software and network resources important to operate and manage your Rewards and Recognition programs. This definitely ensures high performance, data integrity and most importantly data privacy, which is of paramount importance in today’s world.

  • Configurability and Customization:

    Configurability of Xoxoday Rewards Platform has flexibility of adding existing program module to reward and recognition programs when you need them, as easy as plug and play. You can also customize the platform to adjust for the unique design elements and features you need for your employee or channel partners, according to your recognition strategy.

  • User Experience

    A good user experience doesn’t typically happen by accident. It is the result of careful planning, analysis, investment, and continuous improvement. An impressive “user experience” (UX) is the foundation of acceptance of any system among the users. While designing the UX of our Rewards Platform, our UX architects made sure it is highly contextual, empathetic and easy to use and has very simple design. These are the fundamentals of best user experience of any system. Hence the output of our effort is that our Rewards Platform engages and encourages the users to use it very frequently.

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard lets you know who is rewarding whom. It is a timeline modeled feed which shows all activities taking place in the company. Other users can like and comment too.

  • Posts

    With Posts, users can express their feelings and share them with everyone. Posts can be in the form of texts, pictures, YouTube videos etc. Other users can like and comment.

  • Announcements

    Inform your teams about all the latest updates. This could be used for broadcasting financial results, change in management or any important achievement of the company.

  • Notifications & Tags

    Get notified if someone likes or comments on your post or award. Also, one can tag your friends in the posts.

  • User Defined Groups

    Create groups based on hobbies, departments, interests etc. Invite your peers to join the groups, and have a separate wall for each.

  • Leader Board & Trends

    Publish top awards receivers & senders. Shows how teams & individuals are responding to initiatives and track participation levels.

  • Special Perks

    The client organizations that implement Enterprise RnR platform are offered free special perks by Xoxoday. Through the platform, they and their employees can avail free attractive products and offers such as apparel, fine dining, travel concessions etc. offered by reputed brands across the globe.

  • Learn & Grow Module

    Xoxoday’s Rewards Platform features a catalog of diverse educational courses for the employees of the client organizations. These workflow-based courses also enable managers and HRs to track and review the learning progress of employees.

  • Job Referral Feature

    Through rewards platform, employees can also share referrals with their recruitment team. Against the internal as well as the external job postings that can be made on the platform, employees can avail both internal job postings (IJPs) as well as refer their external friends and acquaintances.

  • Enterprise Mobile App

    The mobile version of Enterprise platform allows your employees to redeem their reward points in a more user-friendly and convenient manner. Reward redemption feature is supported end-to-end in the mobile version of Xoxoday’s Rewards platform

Pricing Table

    • Plans

      • Recommended for
      • Reward Distribution
      • Reward Catalog
      • Comprehensive Catalogging
      • Social Featureslike Badges, Greetings etc.
      • Timeline View and UX Support
      • Hierarchy Setup and Access
      • Employee Access
      • Employee Engagement Module
      • Peer to Peer Recognition
      • Experience Based Module
      • Wellness Module
      • Employee Perks Module
      • Long Service Anniversary Module
      • Employee Referral Module
      • Sales Incentive Module
    • Lite

      • 1-50 employees
      • YES
      • YES
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • No
    • Business

      • 1000+ employees
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES
      • YES

Technology Features & Benefits

World's Most exciting Reward Catalog with Awesome Experiences

Accumulate Points through Several Rewards Pockets

Easy Integration with Existing HRMS

Instant Peer to Peer Recognition

Plug & Play Single Modules Available

Gamified Employee Referral Module

Customize your HR Policy

360° reward module(TA-Exit-TA)

Surveys, Announcements and Campaign management

Social Broadcast Features

Innovative Long Service Anniversary Module

Health & Wellness Module

Drive Engagement, Together!

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