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Since the company’s conception in 2005, Live it has been the pioneering driving force behind the Gift Experience industry within Sweden, quickly becoming the clear market leader, which is a position still enjoyed to this day. With over 500 unforgettable experiences to choose from, in over a 1000 different locations, we boast an unrivalled choice to suit every taste, budget and occasion.

All our experiences are handpicked to ensure we only work with the very best partners who continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Every experience is beautifully packaged in our signature red Gift Pack, so whether the lucky recipient be for a colleague, friend, loved one, or yourself, it’s guaranteed to become a memory for life!

Terms & Conditions

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(applies from 2015-10-13)

§1 General: Live it Experiences AB (Live it), org. no. 556687-2247, is an experience business which has entered into agreements with a number of organizers of so-called experiences of different kinds (“Organ- izer”). Live it has through these agreements retained its right to present, market and sell these experienc- es in its own name as presented on Live it’s homepage or offered for retail sale at certain selected outlets. Those who order and pay for experiences are considered to be buyers. (“Buyer”). Those who book and/ or use the experience are regarded as the end customer (“End Customer”). Those who place an order with Live it without making payment are considered an orderer (“Orderer”).

§ 2 Insurance and damages: As soon as the End Customer or Live it has booked the End Customer’s experience with the Organizer, so then exists a separate agreement between the End Customer and the Organizer. End Customers within Sweden who carry out an experience provided by Live it are always insured via Live it without extra cost against any injuries, losses or other inconveniences that arise in con- nection with the actual experience. All information on this policy can be found at However, the End Customer should first turn to the Organizer during the time of the event and utilize the Organizer’s insurance.

§3 Organizers and experiences: Live it’s network of Organizers include some of Sweden’s best places and arrangements for experiences. Live it continuously adds new Organizers, but sometimes it happens that an Organizer or a place for a certain experience must be discontinued due to circumstances beyond Live it’s control. If the Organizer or the place of experience an End Customer has preferred is discontinued, the End Customer will be offered an alternative which could mean that both the place of experience or the Organizer of this will be different from the one originally selected. Some experiences may also be amend- ed depending voucher value or gift card validity.

§4 Text and images: The texts and images describing experiences intend to reflect the final customer expe- rience as accurately as possible. Live it would, however, like to reiterate that the images show the current experience in general and therefore it is not representative of a specific experience with a specific Organ- izer. Text: In the event that Live it has received misleading information from the Organizer and this has led to the End Customer not receiving exactly the experience as any text described, Live it is not liable in responsibility to the End Customer. Live it also is not liable in the event of typographical errors on the website and in printed materials

§5 Age, health restrictions and other limitations: Live it’s website lists the limitations and conditions for re- spective experiences regarding for example minimum age, height, weight and health restrictions. If unsure of these and other restrictions, Buyers are asked to contact Live it for more information. Live it would also like to remind Buyers and End Customers that the given time for the respective experience should be seen as an estimate, and the End Customer during a part of the experience may have to wait between different parts together with other participants. The End Customer is advised to consult Organizer terms and conditions.

§6 Live it- box, vouchers and gift cards: Live it delivers each experience, digital delivery exceptions, in one box (“Live it-box”). Live it box contains either 1) one of the Buyers proposed experience, its details and voucher as well as other important information or 2) a gift card for a certain amount. The End Customer on Live it’s website needs to exchange the gift card for a specific experience before the reservation can be made. Live it is responsible that the boxes are complete as described above. Vouchers and gift cards are documents of value (so-called multifunction vouchers) and with- out these documents the End Customer cannot book their experience. All vouchers with an expe- rience name are only suggestions for an experience that Buyers could consider suitable for the End Customer. The End Customer is under no obligation to select the specific experience described on the voucher or in other related documentation. The End Customer is entitled to use their voucher to switch to any other experience in Live its range. If the End Customer chooses a more expensive experience, the difference must be paid. If the End Customer selects a cheaper experience than that the Buyer proposed, the End Customer will receive the difference credited into their Live it account. When changing an experience that was purchased at a reduced price, for example, in con- nection with a promotion or offer, the End Customer will be credited the reduced price and not the experience’s original price. A new selection of experience does not alter the original period of validity.

§7 Validity: On vouchers and gift cards there is a validity period of 12 months from the purchase date. An experience must be booked within the vouchers duration and a gift card must be used be- fore its expiration date. If an experience is within the validity period indicated on the voucher and before booking as occurred (§11), a change to an alternative experience can be made. The booking of an alternative experience does not mean the validity has changed however. Experiences that are affected by weather and the outdoor environment can, depending on voucher validity, have a limited possibility of being rescheduled. This means that the Buyer or End Customer, in addition to booking and carrying out the experience within the period of validity, need to take into account that outdoor experiences may be affected by factors outside Live its control. See §10 in the event of an experience cancellation. In cases where the Buyer or End Customer have not booked within the voucher’s period of validity, it is considered used, but can be re-purchased in ac- cordance with §17.

§8 Activation of vouchers and booking: The End Customer receives a box number and a security code found on the voucher and/or gift card. In both cases the End Customer must confirm the voucher and/or gift card by going to Live its homepage and filling in the box number and security code. The End Customer will be prompted using the information to book their experience directly with the Organizer or through Live it. In order for Live it to be able to provide the best possible prices for the experiences offered, bookings that are made are binding. Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to the execution of the experience for the value of the experience to still be avail- able for re-booking. If cancelled later, the End Customer should provide a valid medical certificate that demonstrates that they cannot participate in the experience. If the reasons are valid, Live it will reach an agreement with the End Customer on a different time. Please note above that the cancel- lation and medical certificate apply circumstances exist to Book Live it in agreement with Retail on to a different time. Please note the above cancellation and the medical certificate applies unless otherwise indicated by the Organizer.

§ 9 Availability: All experiences are offered provided that they are available at a certain time. The latest information on when an experience is available can always be obtained by contacting Live it. Live it will do their very best to meet End Customer’s choice of date for the experience. In order for Live it to be able to provide a good price, End Customers should always try to book their expe- rience as soon as possible, there can be a large variation of waiting times for different experiences. In the case where no dates are available for an experience, the End Customer can either select a new experience (see §11) or ask to be entered on a priority waiting list and then notified when new dates are available.

§10 If the Organizer cancels: Sometimes it happens that the Organizer must cancel an experience for a reason which is out of the Organizer’s control such as weather or technical problems. If the Organizer is affected by these reasons and cancels an experience booked by an End Customer, the Organizer must give notice as soon as possible about the next date for rescheduling. Live it will of course do their best to inform the End Customer of any problems in good time before an experi- ence would take place and also do its best to offer the End Customer a different date. Live it does not and cannot be held responsible for any additional costs which may be incurred in respect of the End Customer or Buyers as a result of a set experience. Such additional costs include but are not limited to travel and accommodation costs. If a re-booking is not possible within one year from the time of booking and this is due to the Or- ganizer (e.g. weather conditions, repairs, etc.) Live it extends the period of validity of the voucher with a maximum of six months. If a reservation is not possible whatsoever, Live it will offer the End Customer an alternative experience (see §6).

§11 Flexibility: All vouchers that are not booked and unused can within the period of validity be changed to a different experience than that which was chosen by the Buyer. This must occur within the vouchers period of validity which is 12 months. There are no fees or costs to select a different experience but if the experience the End Customer selects has a higher price than originally se- lected, Buyers or End Customers must pay the difference. If the End Customer chooses a cheaper experience than the one originally selected, the End Customer will be credited the difference. Switching to a different experience does not mean that the period of validity has changed for the selected experience. A new Live it-box will be provided only if requested specifically, and there will be an extra cost for a new box.

§12 Right of Withdrawal: Buyers have the right to cancel a purchase without cost in the event of a delay in delivery of the box which exceeds the promised delivery date. Uncollected items or cash on delivery shipping is not included as a utilization of the right of withdrawal. If uncollected cash on collection, the Buyer will be charged a SEK 200 fee. If buyers want to reclaim the purchase through Live its website (open purchase) and the experi- ence has not already been booked, or changed to another experience, this is possible within 14 days from the date of receipt of the box. Live it considers the order received 3 working days after it was sent from Live it. For a refund, Live it kindly asks Buyers to send the order and its voucher torn up via mail to Live it Experiences, Returer, Box 17176, 104 62 Stockholm or alternatively through emailing a photo to Live it will refund the purchase price within fourteen days of the date Live it receives the letter or email. Repayment is via the same means of payment the experience was bought through, which means it can only be given to the Buyer and not the End Customer. If the transaction was made through a Bank Card, Live it will credit the amount to the same card. If the Bank Card is not valid at the time of reimbursement or payment has been made in another way the reimbursement will be under agreement. In cases where the Buyer purchased the box in one of the Live its stores, a 14 days open policy applies, and the Buyer should then consult the actual store they purchased it from. If the Buyer has purchased the box from a re-seller, then their rules apply and the Buyer should contact the respec- tive re-seller. Authorised re-sellers are listed on Live it’s website.

§13 Complaints and liability: Live it is not responsible for damages or losses either direct or in- direct, or any other disadvantages which may arise from the undertaking of, or has other links to the experience. Experiences that are sold via Live it are honoured by chosen Organizers which by agreement shall perform and meet the quality requirements set by Live it. By this, Live it is account- able in the manner stated in these Terms and Conditions towards the Buyer and End Customer. Irrespective of who is responsible for the complaint that the Buyer or the End Customer wishes to express, it can be sent to Live it at However Live it requires that the End Customer’s complaint be brought up with the Organizer during the experience. Live it promises answers to the complaint within 20 working days of the case being opened with Live it. For complaints against Live it regarding fault, failure or delay of vouchers, Consumers Rights Laws apply and Live it will do its best to solve the complaint. Live it welcomes all feedback on its experi- ences.

§14 Lost or stolen vouchers / gift cards: In the event of a lost or stolen vouchers/gift cards (multi- function vouchers), the customer must contact Live it immediately. The customer will receive a new voucher/gift card if the Buyer or End Customer can be found in Live its records. An administrative fee of SEK 100 would be added.

§15 Special offers: Live it may provide experiences for special prices which can be booked late, often as late as the day before the experience is to take place. This type of experience can not be used for booking of alternative experienced or returned for a refund. The time period for an expe- rience that is bought under these conditions cannot be changed.

§16 Expired vouchers: Buyers or End Customers have the possibility to extend the voucher be- yond it’s period of validity for up to 6 months for a cost. If the voucher is a maximum of 14 days old, the extension of three months is offered at a cost of SEK 150, or 6 months for SEK 300. If the voucher is 15-30 days old, an extension is offered against 50% of the voucher’s original value. If the voucher is 31-750 days old, an extension is offered against 75% of the voucher’s original value. In addition to the extension, Buyers and End Customers will receive a new period of validity which begins from and including the expiration date.

§17 Force Majeure: Live it is further exempt from liability to the Buyer and End Customer if Live it is prevented in fulfilling their obligations due to circumstances beyond Live its control or circum- stances Live it cannot reasonable be expected to foresee, and the consequences of which Live it could not have avoided or overcome, or if Live it is prevented from fulfilling their obligations due to circumstances attributed to a third party or on the basis of natural disaster, lightning, power outag- es, labor conflict, war or other unrest, fire, new or amended legislation or authority provision, error in external telecommunications continuity or similar circumstances.

§18 Changes: Live it owns the right to without warning, on its own accord or due to authority, change their general terms and conditions. Any amendments shall enter into force as soon as they become available on this page. The Buyer and the End Customer are advised to keep up to date with the terms and conditions.

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