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HotelVoucherShop is the world’s leading hotel & short break gift experience provider.

We are the only company offering hotel gift cards that can be used to book a massive choice of up to 78,000 hotels in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia. You can redeem your hotel gift card on our website or over the phone to stay at 1000 of the world’s major 3,4 and 5 star hotel brands in a choice of city, country and beach locations. Treat yourself to a night away with HotelVoucherShop.

Terms & Conditions

Xoxoday team may request for valid id proof (Pan, Voter Id, Driving License or Aadhar) if the order values exceeds more than Rs.5000. This is just a safety measure to avoid any fraudulent transactions.

Liability for Lost, Stolen or used vouchers

All HotelVoucherShop gift vouchers are cash value and must be looked after by the purchaser and redeemer.All voucher codes can only be used once and HotelVoucherShop is not liable for lost or stolen vouchers or codes used by any other recipient other than the intended recipient for the voucher.We advise to keep all voucher codes safe and ensure that all recipient details are filled in correctly, especially ensuring the email address is correct. HotelVoucherShop under no circumstances will be held liable for any lost vouchers.Vouchers may only be re-issued back to the purchaser and will be subject to security questions and checks. Re-issued vouchers will be re-sent at the discretion of HotelVoucherShop. Should you lose your voucher we will not guarantee to re-send you a copy. Once any vouchers and voucher codes are used, then the voucher can in NO WAY be refunded even if the user was not the recipient (in the case of lost or stolen voucher codes).

Cancellation and refunds of vouchers

All vouchers are non refundable and non cancellable.Once the voucher is redeemed or used to book a hotel then usual cancellation policies for the hotel will apply and all refunds will be provided in vouchers as we cannot refund part cash and part voucher amounts.

Re issuing of voucher information

Any live vouchers that are required to be re-issued will require a full security check from HotelVoucherShop before re-issuing the voucher.Should the check not be successful, to prevent voucher thefts, we will not re-issue the voucher.

Voucher Expiry Dates – Reinstating of vouchers

All HotelVoucherShop vouchers carry a one year expiry period. After this period, the voucher will expire and this is NON NEGOTIABLE.We do require that vouchers do expire after a period to reduce fraud and misuse of old vouchers.