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Sales Incentives

Sales incentive programs are designed to motivate salespeople to excel. Even the best salespeople need an extra boost to maintain a high level of performance. According to a study, the best way to provide this boost is to complement the sales incentive plan with an annual recognition program. As companies are forced to do more with less, sales executives need to ensure their top performers are motivated and continue to deliver results.

If you are about to launch a Sales recognition program, consider the following:

  • Design goals & targets based on business analysis and sales objectives.
  • Understand Sales team’s performance & select reward type that is valuable & will motivate members to achieve goals.
  • Sales rewards are not for temporary sales boost but need to be integrated with your organization wide recognition framework .Provide your salespeople with the ability to achieve rewards that are meaningful to them.
  • Identify behaviors to promote that are in line with your team culture

Xoxoday offers a range of Sales recognition & incentive solutions, from global sales teams spread across countries to small teams focusing on niche markets. The programs kick off with detailed understanding of your unique team structure, reward preferences & personas, technology platform, fulfillment & delivery roadmap.

Exceed your sales goals, measure performance, build a community, engage salespeople, drive profit, and nurture customer relationships.

Drive your top sales performers to exceed their best by rewarding them and create a desire in your entire sales team to reach the pinnacle of performance.

Encourage healthy competition among co-workers, Xoxoday platforms & Solutions are powered with thousands of unique experiences that provide intriguing sales incentives rewards choices - Chance to be a fighter pilot for a day, Unwind at a high-end spa, Drive a race car or explore a hill station.