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Headquartered in India, Xoxoday has presence in all the major international locations like US, UK, Middle East, Singapore, France, Australia, Canada and more. We cover more than 28 countries with 650+ top multinational clients.

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Our Features


Glocalization or localization at global locations is very much needed when designing a recognition program which spans across globe. People all around the world love being rewarded and recognized for their efforts. But how that’s best delivered varies by country, by culture, and by extent. Xoxoday takes into account all these factors and offers you multi-cultural and exhaustive solutions customized to your requirements.

Local Language Support

Local Language Support is offered by our solutions. These are fully integrated supports, right from high level instructions to product level descriptions. Our translations are correct, complete and in-depth.

Excellent Customer Support

Excellent Customer Support makes 96% of our clients really happy with us. Our customer support responds and offers speedy resolutions to all your concerns. We also keep on taking regular feedbacks and help you not only launch but also run your programs successfully and seamlessly. A 360 degree experience is what we aspire for.

Robust Communication Tools

Robust Communication Tools ensure that all of your employees or channel partners across the locations receive a consistent message that aligns with your corporate objectives.

Global Logistics Setup

Global Logistics Setup ensures that your gifts and rewards can be delivered instantly anywhere across the world, while you would benefit from a local service and access to award tracking MIS which gives you movement visibility.

Fast and Easy Implementation

Fast and Easy Implementation is offered through international consulting for effective program development. A road-map and timeline for global integration is proposed with engaging and intuitive user experience.

Scalable Site Functionality

Scalable Site Functionality allows you to add new programs and reward levels with a click of button. The complete process is documented and a powerful training content created. Use our Analytical features in Enterprise to improve the effectiveness of your program.


Flexibility in our systems helps you change programs and add countries on the fly. Our system offers both global and in-country program levels.

Exhaustive Rewards Catalog

Exhaustive Rewards Catalog offers custom in-country collections of Experiences, Gift Cards, Visa or Master cards.

Training materials

Training materials are available onsite or via convenient e-learning programs to make sure that Managers, Administrators and all the other stakeholders have a common understanding of your recognition program details, goals and objectives.

Our International Services