Make your Events memorable with Experience Gifts.

Events Gifts

Businesses frequently struggle with what kinds of gifts to give on occasions and events, leading to a number of top 10 gift lists and online guides that aim to improve their relationship with associates and clients. Researchers offer simple guidance, "To build relationship with your associate or client, gift an experience.” Experiential gifts produce greater improvements in relationship strength than material gifts, regardless of whether the gift is consumed as an individual or together. The relationship improvements that recipients derive from experiential gifts stem from the emotion that is evoked when the gifts are consumed, not when the gifts are received. Giving experiential gifts is thus identified as a highly effective form of prosocial spending, and can have a greater impact on improving the relationship between the giver and receiver.

Handling gifts for delegates and attendees in a large conference or event is a challenging task. The logistics part can be tough to handle while managing several other tasks related to the big day. Besides, you are never really sure what to gift to so many different people. Xoxoday experience boxes are one of the most suitable gifts for events and conferences. These comprise of carefully crafted, curated and assorted experiences including adventure, tours, getaways, fine dining, hobbies, activities, health and wellness. These gifts are elegantly packaged, personalized and delivered as per your choice.

The following are some use cases of how Xoxoday can facilitate event gifts:

  • In case you are an industry body and want to present gifts to your business dignitaries as a part of your industry-level conclave, you can avail gift boxes from our bouquet of experiences such as gourmet / fine dining, hobbies, health and wellness.
  • If you are a business organizing or sponsoring a sports event or promotional roadshow, you can distribute our gift vouchers to the winners. You can also award our experience boxes comprising of tours, getaways, gourmet and adventure experiences to a select few.
  • In case you are an e-commerce player running a special offer, bonanza or sale promotion, you can club your products with our gift vouchers and / or experiences such as gourmet, hobbies, health and wellness as a part of your online event.
  • If you are an academic institution, business organization or professional body organizing a conclave or panel discussion, you can express your gratitude to your guests of honour by gifting them experience boxes consisting of gourmet / fine dining and health & wellness experiences.
  • In case you are a media and entertainment firm organizing a live event, conference or symposium of importance, you can add glitters to your event by gifting our experience boxes comprising of activities such as health, wellness, hobbies and fine dining to your esteemed guests or panelists.

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and tied with love. - L.O. Baird