Express your relationship with Clients with Experience Boxes.

Client Gifts

In a 2014 research on corporate gifts conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute, it was found that the most important attributes when deciding what gifts to purchase were attractiveness, durability and utility. Imagine a gift that is highly attractive, infinitely durable and wholesomely usable. Such gifts are definitely not tangible by nature. They are experiential gifts – the planned events or structured occurrences that leave a lasting impression on the recipient, leading to rejuvenation and reflective learning.

Your clients are the lifeline of your business. Show your gratitude for their support and customer loyalty with gifts that not only get noticed, but are remembered for long. When it comes to loyalty, clients are most inclined to work with partners who invest not only in to their business, but also their well-being. You can meet this expectation by gifting presents that have a lasting impact and long-term value – experiences such as adventure, tours, getaways, fine dining, hobbies, activities, health and wellness.

In the same research, it was also found that 86% of organizations gave gifts to their clients with the intent of expressing appreciation. 69% companies presented gifts in order to develop relationships with their clients. Experiential gifts not just communicate appreciation and build relationships, but also offer your clients the option to choose from a variety of options. Our experience boxes are designed for your clients to feel pampered and indulged.

There are numerous occasions on which you can express gratitude to your clients by presenting them our intricately designed experience boxes or gift vouchers. These occasions include festivals and dates of socio-politico-economic significance. In fact, expression of gratitude doesn’t need an occasion and you can present gifts to your clients anytime and anywhere, just to communicate that the relationship means a lot to you.

Expressing gratitude to others is a gift to them. Experiencing gratitude is a gift to yourself. – Michael Josephson