Meet end-to-end Corporate Gifting needs with Experiences and Vouchers

Corporate Gifts

At organizational level, we get frequent opportunities to say thank you to our various stake holders and give them a token of gratitude. Timely gratification and appreciation in the corporate world can go great lengths to establish relationships and drive engagement. Corporate gifts are used for the following stakeholders:
  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Channel Partners
  • Vendors
  • Distributors
  • Corporate Guests
  • Delegates
  • Customers
  • Consultants

Various Occasions for Corporate Gifts

There are multiple occasions for giving gifts and awards in an organization and they vary across industries and across departments. We are listing here a few common occasions:

  • Employee Rewards and Recognition Program
    • SPOT Award
    • Quarterly / Annual Awards
    • Long Service Awards
    • Learning Awards
    • Joining Gifts
    • Retirement Gifts
    • Special Initiative Awards
    • Micro Bonus
    • Annual Day Gifts
    • Star of the Month Awards
    • Engagement Awards
    • Leadership Awards
    • Team Awards
    • Birthday / Anniversary Gifts
    • Referral Gifts
    • Peer to Peer Gifts
    • Return Gifts
    • Festival Gifts (Diwali, Christmas, New Year)
  • Client Engagement
  • Event or Conference Gifts
  • Guest or Delegate Visits
  • Sales Team Incentives
  • Vendor Engagement
  • Trade Promotions
  • Consumer Promotions

Corporate Gift Options

Traditionally, cash awards and tangible gifts have been used as corporate gifts. While cash never loses its charm, it somewhere lacks the emotion associated with a gift and is not so much considered a gift by many. Tangible gifts such as t-shirts, cups, mugs, watches etc. have been overused for many years. Even the personalization of these products doesn’t bring the excitement level which we want to associate with the occasion.

There is a pressing need in the market for a change in options that these receivers get. However, when we search for Bulk Corporate Gifts, most of the searches return these tangible gifts. To overcome the challenges, Xoxoday is offering some solutions which bring excitement and emotional touch in corporate gifting.

Brand Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards

Xoxoday has partnered with more than 1000 brands Globally. We can provide you Gift Vouchers in bulk across geographies. These brand vouchers give flexibility to users to choose as per his/her preferences. These are available in various denominations in e-format.

E-vouchers make for an excellent last minute gift as it is delivered instantly to the receiver’s email id. Following are some categories of Brand Vouchers that we provide.

  • E-commerce vouchers
  • F&B Vouchers
  • Travel Vouchers
  • Jewelry Vouchers
  • Hotel Vouchers
  • Offline Vouchers
  • Beauty Vouchers
  • Apparel Vouchers
  • Movie Vouchers
  • Lifestyle Vouchers
  • Recharge Vouchers
  • Mega Store Vouchers

All in One Voucher: Xoxoday Gift Voucher

Xoxo Gift Vouchers make for one of the best corporate gifts that you can give to anyone. This voucher gives the widest possible range of redemption options in the market. Following are a few features of it

  • Customized Denomination
  • Company Branding
  • Personalization for Receiver
  • Convertible to every brand gift voucher and experience listed with us
  • Use it multiple times till your money lasts
  • 1 year validity

Let them choose what they want to receive as a gift. Give them a Xoxoday Gift Voucher